Kronecker delta

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a function of two variables i and j that equals 1 when i=j and equals 0 otherwise

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The Dirac delta is an identity element for the convolution in the continuous-time domain whereas the Kronecker delta is the identity element for the convolution in the discrete-time domain.
Note that due the RKEM interpolation has the Kronecker delta property we do not need to use a constraint Galerkin weak form, that is, we can impose condition (11) directly like in finite element analysis.
the inner product and where [delta] denotes the Kronecker delta.
1-26 Symbols dij and ijk (the Kronecker Delta and the Alternating Tensor).
infinity]]x[phi](x)dx is the first-order moment of the scaling function and o is the Kronecker delta function.
i,j,k] is the solution of the second order central difference approximation of the scalar wave equation with Kronecker delta excitation expressed as (it has been considered as i' = j' = k' = n' = 0 due to the shifting capability of the Green's functions):
i] is the mean velocity components (i _ 1, 2, 3), p is the pressure, [rho] is the fluid density, v is the kinematic viscosity and [delta] is the Kronecker delta.
n,m] is the Kronecker delta, is called a system of orthonormal polynomials for the pair (G, h) .
2] denotes the variance of the noise, [delta]([tau])--the Kronecker delta, and I denotes the identity matrix.
The mixed tensor components in Eq 3c reduces to the mixed Kronecker delta tensor components ([[delta].