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United States anthropologist noted for his studies of culture (1876-1960)

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Finally, after failing repeatedly to talk Ishi into a wilderness trip, Waterman and Kroeber devised a plan.
In Certification from the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington in Heidi Kroeber a/k/a Heidi Lazenby v.
Daughter of Kroeber, she never knew Ishi, but grew up with his story, and while she did not write him into any of her novels, Clifford picks up resonances of the story.
1) See, for instance, Boehrer, Gross, Weil, and Petrus for recent work on animal studies; Kroeber and Marzec for ecological criticism; and Muller and Sauter and Westling on ecocriticism.
Kroeber quotes extensively from an assistant, apparently fluent in Inuktun, who witnessed Nuktaq's behavior following his wife's death.
Part two creates a story around the story of "Ishi," his history as "the last wild Indian in America," his best-selling biography by Theodora Kroeber in the 1960s, and the repatriation and burial of his remains around 2000.
Some, including Graff as early as 1973 and Karl Kroeber a decade later, have gone so far as to connect post-modern theory to the general "bureaucratization and technicization" of university education.
The Dodos are duo Meric Long on vocals and guitar and Logan Kroeber on percussion.
In their famous survey of the concept, Kroeber and Kluckhon provided over 150 definitions of culture available at the time.
Sin embargo, descubrimos que la hematita de Mina Primavera es casi identica con una muestra pequena de pigmento hematita colectado por Kroeber, en la decada de 1920, de Cahuachi y actualmente localizado en el Museo Field en Chicago.
47) Throughout history, Kroeber says, there are many examples of different, even hostile societies, residing side by side, who in time will adopt one another's practices.
Beginning in the 1990s, Jonathan Bate, Karl Kroeber, Lawrence Buell, James McKusick, and others sought to reassert the primacy of nature in the Romantic enterprise and to retrieve Romantic environmental thought as a foundation for a new ecopolitics appropriate to the age of global warming.