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United States anthropologist noted for his studies of culture (1876-1960)

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So anthropologist Alfred Kroeber describedIshi, last of the Yahi Indians.
In 1877 Stephen Powers published a description of "the village of Rikwa," which, he said, "tinkles with the happy cackle of brown babies tumbling on their heads with the puppies: and the tires within the cabins gleam through the round door holes like so many full-orbed moons heaving out of the breast of the mountains." (6) Alfred Kroeber's wife, Theodora, was referring to Yuroks of Rekwoi and other villages in 1900 when she wrote that "some, unlike most western Indians, were still living on their own ancestral land when Kroeber first reached them, their life physically much as it had been before the Gold Rush." (7)
While reports of the death of Wordsworth studies by surfeit may have been greatly exaggerated, there is little doubt that the "useful lines of inquiry" in the field have multiplied several times over since the publication of Kroeber's remarks.
Ishi, whose life story was first described in the popular book Ishi in Two Worlds by Theodora Kroeber (1961, University of California Press), died of tuberculosis on March 25, 1916.
But such interdisciplinarity does not support the linear scheme of progress Kroeber asserts in order to recast the Romantics as the giants upon whose shoulders we now stand.
Again, in a fully representative example, this from her section on Mansfield Park's ending, she begins a paragraph lasting more than a page with the words, "Karl Kroeber aptly argues," and goes on to quote him for the remainder of the first sentence.
While reviewing vintage publications for my book on feather-craft (Focus on Feathers, Crazy Crow Trading Post, 2010), I discovered untold riches in the writings of Alfred Kroeber's The Arapaho [1].
First light; five photographers explore Yosemite's wilderness; Charles Cramer, Karl Kroeber, Scot Miller, Mike Osborne, and Keith S.
As a result, he found himself increasingly frozen out by professionals, such as Alfred Kroeber, anthropology chair at University of California, Berkeley, about whose refusal to fund one of his research projects de Angulo complained that "decent anthropologists don't associate with drunkards who go rolling in ditches with Shamans" (10).
Produced by Ted Kroeber. Executive producers, Jeff Skoll, Chris Adams, Forest Whitaker, Jonathan Sehring, Caroline Kaplan, Holly Becker.
Interestingly enough, female ethnographers, among them Theodora Kroeber, the novelist Ursula LeGuin's mother, were often the ones to publicize the anthropological data that could preserve some memory of these dying cultures.
In this essay, I look briefly at what Jonathan Bate and Karl Kroeber have made of The Ruined Cottage, taking advantage of their generous intention to allow the fate of ecocriticism to hang, at least momentarily, in the balance as it finds itself suspended between the cruces of this uncompromising early Wordsworth achievement.
Kroeber and Kluckhohn Repeating the Doctrine and Definition means: "The most commonly used word in the world" culture "- all world languages take guidelines from Latin roots - remains the main idea of the culture or attractiveness.
The risk of U.S.-China talks breaking down and the two "settling down into an indefinite economic war of attrition is uncomfortably high," said Arthur Kroeber, founder of Gavekal Dragonomics.