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United States violinist (born in Austria) (1875-1962)

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Upon closing, Michael Stern, Kreisler's president and chief executive officer, will join United Flexible's senior management team as president of Kreisler.
The competition, named for world-renowned violinist and composer Fritz Kreisler, was founded in 1979 and is held every four years for highly talented violinists from around the world 30 years old or below.
The recent allowance of our first two corn oil extraction patents has favorably altered our market positioning, making available an increased array of tactical options to build value for our clients and shareholders," notedKevin Kreisler, GreenShift's chief executive officer.
In the book 'Get Rich Cheating', Jeff Kreisler salutes dubious moneymakers like Ken Lay, Dennis Kozlowski, and Conrad Black.
The 2007 Selection Committee is comprised of prestigious gallery owners from around the world, including: Renate Bender, Galerie Renate Bender (Munich), Silvana Facchini, Karpio + Facchini (Miami), Eduardo Sant'Anna, START (London), Leon Tovar, Leon Tovar Gallery (New York), Jerald Melberg, Jerald Melberg Gallery (Charlotte, NC), Juan Kreisler, Galeria Kreisler (Madrid) and Tina Spiro, Chelsea Galleria (Miami).
Kreisler documents HRI's journey in The Road to Recovery, page 66.
General Hydrogen has right-sized a clearly transformative technology at a scale that enables commercially viable use of hydrogen fuel cell technology today," said GreenShift chairman and CEO Kevin Kreisler.
We expect that these orders will be among the first that INSEQ will receive during 2006 as INSEQ continues to leverage its specialty manufacturing expertise and as Veridium continues to secure orders for its clean fuel technologies in ethanol and other facilities," said GreenShift chairman and CEO Kevin Kreisler.
The Argonne technology enables the cost-effective preferential separation and recovery of specific targeted plastics from a mixed plastics stream," said Kevin Kreisler, INSEQ's chairman.
While many of the other great violin virtuosos of the first half of the twentieth century such as Heifetz, Elman, Joseph Szigeti, Nathan Milstein, and Fritz Kreisler bequeathed to the musical world a rich legacy of recordings of the major violin repertoire, the discography found in the present work contains no extant commercial recordings by Zimbalist of any of the standard concerto literature for the violin.
Ysae dedicated each of the sonatas to younger contemporaries, including Szigeti, Jacques Thibaud, George Enescu and Fritz Kreisler, taking into account their specific playing styles.
And instead of his usual choices of clever lyrics and melodic phrases from Cole Porter and the Gershwins, Beethoven and Fritz Kreisler, there was the thump of percussive sounds credited to "Various.
Johnson, PrintImage International; Secretary-Theasurer -- Curt Kreisler, Gold Star Printers.
Shelby Howell, Missouri; Mitchel Kreisler, Connecticut; Michelle Mulrooney, Florida; Casey Soliday, Florida; Kevin Varvaro, New Jersey.
The composers include some of the most famous of any period -- Debussy, Mascagni, Dvorak, Ravel, Kreisler, Sibelius -- in music that is almost but maybe not quite classical.