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"Providing good health insurance benefits had always historically been important in recruiting talent and keeping it but now it's insufficient," warned Kraut. As the industry grapples with ever-changing challenges, "employers now have to rethink their benefit structures."
Even a handful of restaurants (Lila is one) are offering her kraut.
As a matter of fact, it's really short: Adam Kraut of Pennsylvania.
Our family raised kraut cabbage for Stokely Van Camp in Norwalk, Ohio.
9 TRUE FERMENTS TART APPLE RED KRAUT Gently spiced and earthy ($9.50/16 oz.;
In turn, other landlords feel pressured to compete in order to attract tenants to their buildings," said Greg Kraut, who left Avsioo Young in January to become a managing partner at development firm K Property Group.
The company, which traces its roots back to 1900 when a pair of brothers started Flanagan Brothers in Bear Creek, produces a number of top-selling sauerkraut brands on the market, including Silver Floss, Krrrrisp Kraut, Cortland Valley, Saverne, Kissling's and Willie's.
We love the Kraut Source, by our new friend Karen Diggs.
Retailers can sweeten sales of fresh produce by stocking Kraut Source--a stainless steel device that fits on any wide-mouth Mason jar allowing consumers to make their own sauerkraut and other fermented foods in small batches.
In addition to the Joppa staff, Andreas Kraut, chairman of the Executive Board of Bizerba GmbH and Robert Slykhuis, president and CEO of Bizerba's North American operations, as well as several customers, various supplier representatives, County, and State Representatives were in attendance.
He said "a Kraut 88" [an 88mm shell] landed nearby, killing two of his platoon members and shattering both of his ankles.
HH Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad presented the trophy to Laura Kraut, from the United States, who won the CSI3 competition.
Nonplaying team captain Roland Kraut said they would still go for a 5-0 result today as he replaced Ruben Gonzales with Alcantara in the fifth rubber.
I prefer less fermented kraut, which retains some crispness of the fresh cabbage but has transformed enough sugar into acid to process safely in a boiling water bath.