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an industrial city in southern Poland on the Vistula

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This is, to some degree, in line with results from previous studies, which have investigated metabolic rates and risk of malnutrition in either patients with TBI or stroke (Jonsson, 2008; Krakau et al.
Jahrhunderts in der Jagellonischen Bibliothek", was published in the Bulletin international de l 'Academie des Sciences de Cracovie/Anzeiger der Akademie der Wissenschaften in Krakau, February 1900, 2:96-105.
Hassler E, Krakau I, Haggarth L, Norlen L, Ekman P Questioning questions about symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
La denominada "Milla de la cultura" se extiende entre el Museo Nacional Germanico y la Casa Krakau e incluye numerosas e importantes instituciones culturales: el Museo de Ferrocarriles alemanes, el Museo de Trafico, la Kunsthalle, los multicines CineCitta y los teatros de la ciudad.
Marz 1997 in Krakau [The text of the speech by Antonius Jammers at the opening ceremony of the exhibition of Beethoven's authographs in Krakow on March 26, 1997].
For background on Rhagius, see Gustav Bauch, "Johannes Rhagius Aesticampianus in Krakau, seine erste Reise nach Italien und sein Aufenthalt in Mainz," Archiv fur Litteraturgeschichte 12 (1884): 321-70; and "Die Vertreibung des Johannes Rhagius Aesticampianus aus Leipzig: Nach actenmassigen Quellen," Archiv fur Litteraturgeschichte 13 (1885): 1-33.
Hellenius M-L, Krakau I, De Faire U: Favourable long-term effects from advice on diet and exercise given to healthy men with raised cardiovascular risk factors.
De katten van Krakau (The Cats of Cracow) is a novel about death and fear and loneliness.
When I checked some Bach material in Krakau, other cases turned up of Bach's orchestral material where turning the pages while playing could only be done with two musicians at one desk: BWV 11 (V2) in both parts, as well as in the unfigured continuo part D major, meant for the basses.
Berliner Lautentabulaturen in Krakau is a description and inventory of twenty-seven manuscript tablatures for lute and related instruments that were part of the once magnificent collection of the Prussian State Library in Berlin.