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a Serbian province in southern Serbia and Montenegro populated predominantly by Albanians

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19, 1999), in I Am Particularly Close to Suffering People of Kossovo, L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO (English Ed.), Apr.
(Belgrade: Prosveta, 1975), 569; Janko Lavrin, "Historical Preface", in Kossovo: Heroic Songs of the Serbs, Helen Rootham ed.
The four were two older administrators, one younger bishop already known as a spiritual father to his flock, and an elderly bishop who had been in the diocese of Prizren, in the depths of Kossovo, for many years and was loved and revered as a man of great holiness.
Not surprisingly the co-operation of the various European countries and the United States was imperfect in difficult situations such as in the breakup of the former Yugoslavia and the conflicts in Bosnia and Kossovo. Peace and economic development were difficult to achieve.
In her great 1941 work Black Lamb and Grey Falcon: A Journey Through Yugoslavia, West draws an analogy between the pacifism of her time in the face of the Nazis and the pacifism of the Serbs at a key moment of their history: the battle of Kossovo in 1389, in which the Serbs under Tsar Lazar were defeated by the Turks, condemning Serbia to 500 years of subjugation.
to heaven" (912): "So it had been at Kossovo [sic], and so it
(28.) As many have remarked, in 1999 the Kossovo War and the trial of General Pinochet are evident signals of the rise of a serious challenge to the principle: limits of sovereignty are deeply changing.
By 1389, when they extinguished the Serbian kingdom at Kossovo, the whole of Central and Eastern Europe lay open to their advance.
In his last campaign in 1689 he led an autonomous army to conquer Kossovo, Bosnia and Macedonia, but he contracted the plague in Skopje and died at the moment of his apotheosis.