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(in India) a unit of length having different values in different localities


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Accordingly, we affirm the court of appeals' affirmance of the circuit court's dismissal of Koss Corporation's claim that Park Bank acted in bad faith in processing the transactions that Sujata Sachdeva initiated.
After a call to Koss's phone number went without an answer, the Secret Service agent traveled to Koss's home with an address supplied by a probation officer.
"Brio is about more value, more nutrition and ice cream deliciousness," says Arnie Koss, co-founder and president of Brio Ice Cream, and brand of Nutricopia, based in Montpellier, Vt.
"In my work with the restorative processes, there are a couple of preconditions," said Koss. "One precondition is that due process is observed.
Mr Koss said if the Government approves proposals for a fourth generator to be converted to biomass fuels, hopefully in the next six to 12 months, it would mean more of a workload for the Port of Liverpool operation.
Longo points to Robert Koss, the retailer's vice president of marketing, who started working for the retailer at 23 years old in one of the local stores as a part-time employee.
To meet federal guidelines for green marketing, any environmental claim must be backed up by reliable scientific evidence that shows a significant environmental benefit and does not mislead consumers, according to Laura Koss, senior attorney in the FTC's Division of Enforcement.
Major Widening McGeorge Contracting Co., Little Rock Major Widening Graves & Associates Inc., Pine Bluff Base & Surfacing Koss Construction Co., Des Moines, Iowa Reconstruction Jensen Construction Co., Des Moines, Iowa Bridgework Tanner Construction Co., Ellisville, Miss.
Nicholas Koss's essay tracks the Chinese writings of Matteo Ricci (The Christian Expedition to the Chinese undertaken by the Society of Jesus, 1615), as they appeared in English adaptations by Samuel Purchas in the latter's Hakluyts Posthumous (1625).
Fisher, Joelle Carter, Niki Koss, Mallory O'Donoghue, Cathy Diane Tomlin, Austin Harrod
Head of agricultural cooperative "KOSS" Alexander Bartko said the fields were not fertilized during the last 30 years.
Koss REsource ( https://www.kossresource.com ), an online information provider to the commercial real estate industry is just one of many companies affected by the new rules.
The Koss Striva Pro headphones are a great idea, but it will take some work to make them a great product.
Four-time Olympic gold medallist in speed skating Johann Olav Koss has described the Aspire Dome as "the largest and also the best indoor sport facility of its kind anywhere in the world at the moment".