Korean War

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a war between North and South Korea

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Millett closes his bibliographical discussion in a chapter devoted strictly to the military aspects of the Korean War. He outlines works that discuss everything from the larger campaigns to individual unit histories.
Read it, think about it, and than dive into The Korean War: An Exhaustive Chronology: it is worth the read.
So far, the AFDIL has more than 6,700 samples representing 4,100 Korean War MIAs.
As Paul Harvey would say, Voices from the Korean War tells you "the rest of the story," a story few Americans have heard.
Introduced too late to serve in the Korean War, it nevertheless became one of the mainstays of carrier aviation during the 1950s.
Only one of these books, however, Stueck's Rethinking the Korean War, follows the format of a conventional academic disquisition.
Korean War Filmography: 91 English Language Features through 2000.
CORRECTION (ran 06/28/03): In this space in Friday's Register-Guard, we wrote that the armistice in the Korean War was signed on June 27, 1953.
English-language works dealing specifically with Soviet and Chinese participation in the Korean War remain relatively few in number.
service members missing from all past wars including World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, and the Vietnam War.
'Face of the Enemy', recently published by 1stBooks Library, examines the Korean War from the perspectives of a Chinese line officer and an American army reporter.
Hickey's impressive history of the Korean War is told from this viewpoint.
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