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bitter brown seed containing caffein

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The research is still being debated, but it is thought that the phytoestrogens in kola nuts may kill cancer cells and stop tumors from growing.
However, kola nuts and products containing kola nut may not suit everyone.
NO ENTRY: The kola nut is a caffeine-based edible seed and is often used by Nigerians to show as a gesture of friendship and warmth.
Kola nuts, which contain caffeine and act as a stimulant, originate in Africa and are banned in Saudi Arabia.
Thus, for a ceremony that was to be held during Christmas week in December 2012, the blackboard instructed devotees to come with the following offerings: '82 kola nuts + 2 packs of candles + 2 bottles of perfume + 2 boxes of matches + 2010 CFA for the women and 5010 CFA + 1 bottle of liqueur for the men'.
Fresh samples of kola nut (Cola acuminata) seeds were purchased at the Erekesan market in Akure metropolis, Nigeria.
LEAGUE TABLE Caffeine is a natural substance that is found in over 60 plant species including coffee and cocoa beans, tea leaves and kola nuts. Cup of filter coffee - 137mg Cup of instant coffee - 76mg Energy drink (eg.
When the real thing came on the market in 1885, it was a secret blend of carbonated water, caramel, flavourings and the extract of coca leaves and kola nuts. While the exact formulation of Coke remains a trade secret, coca extracts were gradually reduced from the beverage before all cocaine traces were removed in 1929, according to Secret Formula, a company history written by Frederick Allen.
Energy extracts include green mate, guarana and kola nuts. Using these ingredients to develop energy shots provides the ideal vehicle for delivering highly stimulating power in a short period of time, according to the company.
Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant drug found naturally in coffee beans, tea leaves, cocoa beans (chocolate) and kola nuts (cola) and added to soft drinks, foods, and medicines like pain relievers and other over-the-counter medications.
Here, in the aftermath of the American Civil War, druggist John Pemberton dreamt up a medicinal drink flavoured with coca leaves (the source of cocaine) and kola nuts (providing caffeine).
While Kiple regularly serves up morsels of obscure information, such as the German War Office's Stockpiling of kola nuts in 1890 because of their supposed power in generating courage, the challenge of squeezing such a grand narrative into a conventionally sized volume brings some common problems.
Look deeper and it begins to read like a health food shop with booster shots offering immune-strengthening Echinacea, stress relieving ginkgo bilboa and kola nuts.
Made with kola nuts (which give colas their name), fructose instead of corn syrup, and vitamin C and citric acid instead of phosphoric acid, Health Cola contains only natural and organic ingredients.