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brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia

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"Traditional marketing is all about location, location, location," explains Jon Panamaroff, CEO of the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, owned by Koniag.
The Kodiak Brown Bear Center and Karluk River Cabins are located on 112,000 acres that Koniag owns in the middle of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.
In the case of the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, the company also works with photographers and film companies, like Nat Geo WILD, to publicize their offerings.
Approximately 80 percent of the team at the Kodiak Brown Bear Center are Alutiiq and are shareholders of Koniag or other Alaska Native corporations.
"KBBC offers a high-end guided Kodiak Brown Bear viewing experience for the experiential traveler, wildlife photographers, and wildlife film production and documentary companies," says Ward.
KBBC has exclusive access to more than 112,000 acres of prime Kodiak Brown Bear habitat on its Native Alutiiq ancestral lands surrounding Karluk Lake and Karluk River.
"KBBC's guided Kodiak Brown Bear viewing experience includes an in-depth immersion into our rich and vibrant Native Alutiiq culture and heritage," Ward says.
Nestled in the midst of the refuge is the Kodiak Brown Bear Center, built on an island in the middle of Karluk Lake, the largest freshwater body on Kodiak island at twelve miles long and one mile wide.
"This place is really unique for two reasons," explains Kodiak Brown Bear Center General Manager Edward Ward, "one, no one will be at our bear viewing areas since we have exclusive access to these areas on the lake; two, it provides our guests the opportunity to be immersed in the bear's natural habitat and view their natural behavior."
This particular experience isn't cheap, as it starts at $3,499 for an individual for four days and three nights, but it is absolutely worth it: none of the Kodiak Brown Bear Center's clients have left without seeing a bear.
The hunt began with a several hour hike up a trail used by very few people, many blacktail deer and a number of Kodiak brown bears. Enormous, big-clawed tracks and fresh scat were evident along the winding path that meandered up the mountain foothills through miles of jungle-like alder thickets.
I've accompanied wealthy friends on bowhunts for African elephant and leopard, arrowed a Cape buffalo myself and filmed polar and Kodiak brown bears being shot with arrows.