Kodiak bear

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brown bear of coastal Alaska and British Columbia

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Kodiak bears and their coastal cousins are usually less aggressive because they have an abundant source of high-protein food--fish.
They also capitalize on the presence of what Buckingham called the "legendary Kodiak bear."
Your food never puts up a fight, so you don't need the sharp stabbing and cutting teeth that a Kodiak bear does.
The big ones, like this Kodiak bear, have to be anesthetized (ann-ESS-thi-tized)--put to sleep--so the work will be painless for the animals and for the zookeepers.
ALASKA: Moose and mountain goat (Units 21, 24, plus Koyukuk Area), also Dall sheep and Kodiak bear, Dec.
She signed me up to be a member of the World Wildlife Fund, and information on the Kodiak bear had come from them coincidentally right after I had seen the Kodiak on the news.
You don't go to Kodiak Island without eating fresh-caught salmon, and you don't go to Kodiak without seeing a Kodiak bear. So for my last night at Alitak Bay, my hosts plan an outing to a surefire spot to see bears, the weir on Dog Salmon River.
His father, we were told, was a Rottweiler and his mother,judging by appearances, something akin to a Kodiak bear.
Back home, after hearing that the Kodiak bear's habitat in Alaska was threatened, he set up a lemonade stand and raised $60 to save its habitat.
If they'd watched Pixar's Pete Docter sketching a huge Kodiak bear, they might recognize a source of inspiration for a giant, furry monster called Sullivan, the computer-generated co-star of the newest Pixar/Disney feature, "Monsters, Inc."
Bob Christal, the school superintendent for Anchorage, Alaska, must have been as mad as a Kodiak bear who's being attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes.
The campaign, which centers around television marketing, features a 650-pound Kodiak bear who "rest-tests" a too-firm mattress, a too-soft mattress, and then chooses a Spring Air Back Supporter, the "mattress with the just-right-feeling."
* The 1,600-pound Kodiak bear at my local zoo just got four root canals and a polyp removed from his nose.
To illustrate, consider the Kodiak bear survey in the section below, An example: 1993 brown bear survey.
The Kodiak bear, standing up to 10 feet tall on its hind legs, weighing around 1,500 pounds, and capable of running 35 miles an hour, has but one enemy--man.