Kodiak Island

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an island off southern Alaska in the Gulf of Alaska


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That said, if you're in a remote area where you know no one else is around, like we were on Kodiak Island, these decoy hats are effective.
test-fired its THAAD anti-ballistic missile system from Kodiak Island, successfully intercepting a target missile launched from an Air Force Cargo plane north of Hawaii, according to (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/24/us-preps-next-missile-test-from-alaskan-island.html) Fox News . That test had come after North Korea's first ICBM missile launch on July 4.
Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula are the most famous areas for the biggest brown bears, but current populations are high and there are big bears throughout the range.
After reading the glowing account of your week on Kodiak Island, a friend and I have booked the same hunt.
Seasonal Movements and Distribution of Steller's Eiders (Polysticta stelleri) Wintering at Kodiak Island, Alaska.
Elsewhere, the Bassichs set up a fishing wheel to feed their sled dogs; the Hailstones run into trouble net fishing; and Erik travels to Kodiak Island to hunt for food.
Pieces about the joys and rigors of her life there are interspersed with memories of growing up on Kodiak Island, and these two places define the landscape of the book.
The vessels were moving north along Kodiak Island, trying to escape the worst of a North Pacific storm that included winds near 70 mph (113 kph) and ocean swells to 35 feet (11 meters).
The ship, the Kulluk, broke away from one of its tow lines and was driven to rocks just off Kodiak Island, where it grounded, officials said.
The ship, the Kulluk, broke away from one of its tow lines on Monday afternoon and was driven to rocks just off Kodiak Island, where it grounded at about 9 p.m.
Kodiak Island is known as "Alaska's Emerald Isle" as it offers stunning scenery and an abundance of wildlife - perfect for lovers of the great outdoors.
Eight of the Kodiak Island Borough School District's 14 schools are on small islands.
11 In which series did cameraman Richard Terry travel to Kodiak Island in Alaska to document the life and work of Swiss biologist David Bittner?