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Kochia responds by producing more of the protein that Roundup attacks, frustrating the action of the herbicide, while Canada fleabane increases efforts to isolate the glyphosate, preventing it from moving to where it can take effect.
Conclusion: Kochia indica wight seed is an unusual but a common foreign body of the larynx in the southern districts of Karak and Bannu.
0 or above were Ageratum conyzoides, Conyza ambigua, Lactuca dissecta, Calotropis procera, Chenopodium ambrosioides, Kochia indica Convolvulus arvensis, Alhagi mourarum, Digitaria timorensis, Imperata cylindrica, Poa annua and Sorghum helepense.
But we've shown that forage kochia can be established to enhance rangelands and compete with cheatgrass successfully.
The pollen production of local taxa is very low, among which Betula nana, Salix, Selaginella selaginoides, Dryas octopetala and steppe xerophytes Eurotia ceratoides, Ephedra and halophilous taxa Kochia prostrata, Salsola kali and Salicornia herbaceae have been identified (Pirrus 1971).
Serum constituents and metabolic hormones in sheep and cattle fed Kochia scoparia hay.
Armed with saplings of perennial and seasonal plants, notably Hamelia, Ixora, Acalypha, Araucaria, Lavender, Kochia and Euphorbia Milii, around 1,200 men of the NDMC's horticulture department were involved in this massive plantation exercise.
Karroo thorn, rosewood and kochia were found to pose the greatest threat under climate change while white weeping broom and fringed dodder were predicted to have the highest risk of establishing in new areas.
Add eucalyptus cinerea and kochia foliage for a wintry look.
sylvestris, Lamium amplexicaule, Kochia scoparia, Bassia hyssopifolia, Echinochloa crus-galli, E.
Haloxylon salicornicum, Kochia indica, Prosopis juliflora, Prosopis cineraria, Rhazya stricta, Salvadora oleoides, Salsoal foetida, Suaeda fruticsa, Tramarix aphylla, Ziziphus mauritiana, Ziziphus nummularia, Eleussine compressa.
Wang's research focuses on molecular genome analysis and germplasm development of forage species including perennial grasses and kochia.
Kochia prostrata [a non-flammable desert-adapted forage plant currently thought to be non-invasive] could be planted as a firebreak: Put in some small plots, watch it very, very carefully, and if it gets too out of hand, nuke the stuff and wipe it out.
Cyanide Johnson grass (Sudan) Sorghum halepense Cyanide Poison suckleya Suckleya suckleyana Cyanide Serviceberry Amelanchier alnifolia Cyanide Johnson grass Sorghum halepense Nitrate Kochia weed Kochia scoparia Nitrate Lamb's quarter Chenopodium spp.