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data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases

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25-27 Seoul, South Korea Interesting Knowledge Mining (IKM 2009) International Conference Aug.
For Bose (2003), the Knowledge Data Warehouse [KDW] provides the means for business intelligence through ad hoc and managed query environment, OLAP support, statistical analysis tools, knowledge mining and access to Decision Support Systems [DSS] applications.
Knowledge mining by imprecise querying: a classification-based approach, in Proceedings of the International Conference on Data Engineering, 622-630.
They present 11 papers that discuss "neomillenial" learning styles propagated by wireless handheld devices, lessons learned in mobile education, ubiquitous computing applications in education, using multimedia and virtual reality for web-based collaborative learning on multiple platforms, using emotional intelligence in personalized adaptation, accessing learning content in a mobile systems, a choreographed approach to ubiquitous and pervasive learning, semantic knowledge mining techniques for ubiquitous access media usage analysis, application of knowledge management techniques in manipulating help desk knowledge, and discursive context-aware knowledge and learning management systems.
In this volume she reviews the empirical evidence concerning both the technical and social knowledge management mechanisms that typify the field, respectively including technologies for storing and organizing knowledge, electronic memory systems, knowledge visualization systems, patterns embedded in codified knowledge artifacts, knowledge mining based on statistical analysis, integrated e-learning, and a knowledge rating system for assessing knowledge credibility, on the one hand, and the role of the organizational environment in knowledge management, the facilitating role of interactive environment in knowledge transfer, major task contingencies as moderators of knowledge-sharing effects, organizational culture, and intrinsic awards on the other.
My Internet Protect, a security knowledge mining, alerting and notification service for identified threats entering a customer's network, has been introduced by US communications holding company AT&T Inc (NYSE:T).
In mining knowledge from ERP, two factors to be considered are the objective of knowledge mining such as finding-driven knowledge mining and validation-driven knowledge mining, and the methods of knowledge description and identification.
To achieve this, TIS will provide or interface with a large collection of tools for data analysis and knowledge mining.
TMGi specializes in knowledge mining of existing legacy application systems which automatically flowcharts and documents how a system works today.
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