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Synonyms for know-how

Synonyms for know-how

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

Words related to know-how

the (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something

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The partnership has resulted in KNOWHOW becoming an industry leader in Apprenticeships, providing employment opportunities within its Field and Repair Centre operations.
Steve Gibb, Director of KNOWHOW, said: "This successful training programme has brought together the teaching staff from the college and the technical trainers from KNOWHOW to jointly deliver this Apprenticeship.
With KNOWHOW Movies, new releases will be added to the library on the day of release, meaning customers will have access to them as soon as they become available.
Each new connected device sold by Currys and PC World will come with KNOWHOW Movies pre-loaded and demonstrated at purchase by store staff.
All KNOWHOW staff have been specially selected and trained to provide a positive experience for customers whatever their after sales service needs.
Katie Bickerstaffe, Group Marketing Director at Dixons Retail, comments: "We are extremely excited about KNOWHOW, which has been created by listening to our customers and what they really want from after sales services.
KnowHow not only has the best technical platform for delivering online training, they also have a superior learning methodology.
Our intention is to offer every type of e-learning product through AMA, and agreements like we have with KnowHow are a big part of this strategy.
com will allow us to reach even more learners," said KnowHow President and CEO Alan Hupp.
HOW and KnowHOW are trademarks of Riverton Corporation.
Riverton applies KnowHOW, a combination of Riverton's people, rapid-iteration KnowHOW development process and award-winning technology to deliver scalable e-Business solutions for its customers.
He has built a very successful multinational group of companies, based primarily on Israeli knowhow, that earned worldwide recognition.