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I know nothing more, monsieur, than that a man threw himself upon me and that I fired at him.
Of what befell Chaucer in France we know nothing, except that he was taken prisoner, and that the King, Edward III, himself gave
You seem to find it hard to believe, but I can assure you that I know nothing.
But I say, don't be so confiding, especially as you know nothing.
No, I know nothing FOR CERTAIN about them" was my reply.
If Miss Emily asks questions--you know nothing about it.
Excuse me, but I know nothing," said Levin, frowning gloomily.
That can hardly be, for I know nothing concerning it, Schoolmaster, and seek to know nothing.
We are but this morning come from a long distance in the country, and know nothing of these matters.
Little Mother wasn't to know nothing of it, and she would never have known nothing of it if you had only gone So and So, instead of bothering and loitering about.
you know nothing of her former life; and last year, at this time, you did not know that such a person existed.
We all know about the habits of the ant, we know all about the habits of the bee, but we know nothing at all about the habits of the oyster.
I know nothing about it and have not thought about it.
I know nothing of courts and care less, but be it man or maid to whom I speak, I say what is in my mind or I say nothing.
But, you see, the best hand in the world'll not get you a better place than a copying-clerk's, if you know nothing of book-keeping,--nothing of accounts.