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calculator consisting of a cord with attached cords

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Dressed in leather boots, richly embroidered sherwal trousers, a turban and a smock, he performed impressive feats of twirling, causing lengths of knotted rope and walking sticks to rotate at high speed.
My answer to this person is that Jesus was not a wimp, meek and mild; sometimes he straightened out people with physical force--I remind you when the money changers turned his father's house into a market, he straightened this out with a knotted rope.
The legend goes, a knotted rope became a famous symbol of security.
The knotted rope in your right hand must stay concealed from the audience.
In fact, the defeated, ashen-faced Saviour seems almost crammed into this shallow space, oppressed by the jeering soldier who also pulls at the knotted rope around his neck.
I would be swinging on the lamp, sitting on a knotted rope that was thrown over the bar across the top.
Also with the body, and saved from destruction by burning, was a length of black knotted rope about three-and-ahalf feet long.
From this point, knotted rope strung through sections of brass pipe forms the angles depicted in the two-hundred-year-old map.
The skipper of the boat in the next slip hasnAAEt fished in four years, Forkner said, pointing to its deck littered with knotted rope, overturned buckets and debris.
In this quaint village, they rely on an old sea-dog called Seth, and his length of knotted rope, for weather reports.
Naturally, this was something we had to try for ourselves, so we poked holes in tennis balls and forced knotted rope ends through them.
She took this bit of MDF, sprayed it and hung it up with knotted rope.
themes at work in the Histories, I argue that the knotted rope of 4.
His French fans made the little pieces of knotted rope (obviously an ancient Gallic tradition) out of coloured insulating wire as a gift for their idol, calling them Skoobies.
Ascent techniques include the prusik ascent, which uses a knotted rope attached to the rappelling rope, and