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the Greek goddess of fate who spins the thread of life


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Serum FGF-23 levels (Human FGF-23 ELISA kit using monoclonal antibodies to the full FGF-23 molecule), Klotho (Human alpha-K1 ELISA using anti-Klotho antibodies) and sclerostin (Human Sclerostin ELISA kit) were applied in these patients.
They found that the KLOTHO gene variant predicted the size of a region called the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (rDLPFC), which is especially vulnerable to atrophy as people age.
The potential benefits of her work are many, because it has become apparent that Klotho is involved in many aspects of human physiology, including soft-tissue calcification, which in the case of arteries can cause atherosclerosis and strokes.
Por si sola la union de FGF23 a receptores no puede inducir su efecto fosfaturico, sino que se necesita de Klotho, esta es una proteina que atraviesa la membrana y presenta una prolongacion intracelular muy larga.
Klotho suppresses TNF-alpha-induced expression of adhesion molecules in the endothelium and attenuates NF-kappaB activation.
A retrospective study was undertaken on 163 patients with neuroimaging-confirmed ischemic stroke (64 females and 99 males) and 203 healthy subjects (87 females and 116 males) to investigate the association, if any of klotho mutations with risk of stroke in the young, and to elucidate a possible role for the gene variants in the pathogenesis of premature stroke.
There is evidence to suggest that FGF23 acts through the formation of a heterotrimer with Klotho and the FGFR1 receptor (4).
Klotho controls insulin and is almost identical in the rodents and humans.
There are four poetry volumes, Cailles en sarcophage (1997; Quails in a coffin), Transylvanie (1998; Transylvania), Klotho (1999; Klotho), and Graine d'Antigone (2000; Antigone's Seed).
Homero las llama las hilanderas y una de ellas lleva incluso el nombre de Klotho, es decir, la hilandera.
Longevity gene Variations in a gene called klotho may influence the length of a person's life (161: 36 *).
The allusion runs deeper when we recall the presence of Klotho at line 26, one of the Fates or Moirai who apportion [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] one's lot.
The star is SAO 145940, a spectroscopic binary that can probably be resolved by timings made during this occultation by 97 Klotho.