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Synonyms for clabber

raw milk that has soured and thickened

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turn into curds


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Northville, Michigan, has sold its Schenk Foundry, Maulbronn, Germany, to the German firm Metallwerke KloB Gmbh (MWK).
To our knowledge, the first reported case of an IAC lipoma was seen on autopsy by Klob in 1859.
Klob for the purchase of up to 50,000 shares of the Company at a price of $0.
Those present were Mary Klob, Jackie Mifflin, Irene Dison, Carly McGuire, Helen Kelly, Virginia Green, Darlene Jones, Gladys Whipkey, and hostess Wilma Brayshaw .
Currently, in the south of Poland, there are nine operating permanent GPS stations: WROC (Wroclaw), KATO (Katowice), ZYWI (Zywiec), WODZ (Wodzislaw Slaski), TARG (Tarnowskie Gory), KLOB (Klobuck), LELO (Lelow), KRAW (Krakow), SACZ (Nowy Sacz), (status: January 2006).