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German dramatist whose works concern people torn between reason and emotion (1777-1811)

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I'm really excited to see how our team kind of plays out this year," said Kleist, who earned second-team all-American honors last season after posting a 21-5 record and a 1.
Kleist will report to Regional President, Jim Barnyak, and will be responsible for driving growth and expansion in Colorado Markets.
In his new role, Kleist will be responsible for driving growth and expansion in Colorado Markets and will focus on M&A, Family Office, Fiduciary and the non-profit space.
Separate security services for the objects exhibition grounds, Concert hall and kleist forum of the muv gmbh in frankfurt (oder) for one year, With the possibility of a three-year extension for another year, Until 14.
Coetzee en su prologo a Michael Kohlhaas (El hilo de Ariadna, 2013) que la nouvelle es el resultado de la convergencia del Kleist novelista con el Kleist dramaturgo y periodista.
The stark contrast between the story's "unerhorte Begebenheiten" and the factual context of its first publication seem to suggest that Kleist wanted to call attention to the incredibility of his story by setting it up against the journal's credible framework.
Finding life cruel and meaningless--"The world itself troubles my soul," Kleist tells his cousin Marie--the writer has determined to die in a double suicide with a kindred soul who loves him.
Bill Kleist oversees all art direction and he believes making it feasible for their designers to work from the comfort of their home creates an optimal workflow.
In addition, Banville positively reviewed Martin Greenberg's translations of Kleist ("The Helpless Laughter of a Tragedian" W9) and his fascination with the Kleistian marionette also extends to the Benjamin Black novels; Inspector Hackett, of the Quirke novels, is repeatedly referred to in terms reminiscent of a marionette, while Phoebe, in Christine Falls, stands with her "head bowed and her arms hanging at her side, herself a slack-stringed marionette" (189), and Leslie, from The Silver Swan, is described as "long and gangly, with a stooping, sinuous, flat-footed gait, his long pale hands swinging at the ends of his arms as if they were connected to his wrists not by bone but skin alone" (91).
Bringing the practice of rhetorical reading in connection with concerns of the Frankfurt School, The Rhetoric of Error from Locke to Kleist reinspects fundamental premises underlying knowledge-production and takes risks that revitalize if not remunerate the task of reading.
After the tranquil first years of life, his teenage years contained more agitation; Heinrich von Kleist seemed to follow into the footsteps of many family generations before him, and chose a military career, with the writer-tobe entering the Prussian army (1792) and even fighting in a campaign (Rhine--1796), but it seems that destiny had something else in store for him.
Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist died aged 90 at his home in Munich last Friday, his wife Gundula told media.
The incumbent premier, Kuupik Kleist, and his party, Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA), came in second, with about 34 percent of the popular vote, giving it 11 seats in parliament.
Written in 1811 by Heinrich von Kleist, Michael Kohlhaas has many charms that make it a thoroughly attractive read for contemporary audiences.
Encontramos esse sugestivo tema refletido na tradicao estetica e filosofica alema, em ensaios como Sobre Graca e Dignidade, publicado em 1793 por Friedrich Schiller (1997), ou ainda, no limiar do seculo XIX, no saboroso texto ficcional "Sobre o teatro de marionetes", de Heinrich von Kleist (1997).