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a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles


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"A klaxon horn sounded and there was a great deal of excitement as this was our first action warning," William remembers.
While she is meant to be manipulative and scheming, she is not meant to sound like an unremitting klaxon horn.
A klaxon horn sounded and the two candle lamps at the front shone like bug eyes as this magnificent veteran car inched into view.
"Now we have a long wail used on long straight roads, the yelp used for junction congestion, the two-tone used as a back-up system and the American-type bullhorn system that gives a loud continuous penetrating sound like a loud klaxon horn."
Having got carried away with Danai Udomchoke's flying start against Tim Henman, the offending scribe from Thailand was ordered to put down his klaxon horn and pick up a pen.
What a pity that Betty Boo can't travel on my train to Yorkshire, with a powerful Klaxon horn to silence the telephone twerps.
Who grassed us up?" Closer examination of the scene revealed a goodly number of protesting transport workers, (outnumbered by the police by approximately 2-1) who then rent the air with an ear-splitting cacophony of increasingly loud chants, patriotic songs, whistles and klaxon horns, accompanied by the vigorous waving of flags and banners.