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a stringed instrument that has a keyboard

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/ Lie, lie, lie.") "Am Klavier" is a little essay on accompaniment and counterpoint as figures for love and memory.
Menige aande na 'n lang joernaalbespreking by Frans se huis, het hy ons met pragtige orrelspel vermaak; ook met saksefoon en klavier was hy vaardig.
Holmes recently recorded with the Philharmonia Vent ensemble for the Klavier label.
His solo concert (Market Hall, tomorrow, 5pm) combines the emotional power of Beethoven's sonatas with the brilliant variations of the Well-Tempered Klavier.
FOUR and a half hours of Bach sounds a little daunting, but the 48 Preludes and Fugues (The Well Tempered Klavier) played by Angela Hewitt, nearly make it a possibility.
Some of the pieces discussed include "Anaphora" from A Mirror on Which to Dwell, string quartets, and "Am Klavier." A list of Carter's works is appended.
29, for instance, sounds like he threw all the hammers and wires out with the klavier. And it would be a waste of time downloading his 1963-69 version of the Well-Tempered Clavier Book II, which sounds almost funereal compared to Tatiana Nikolayeva's peerless 1984 recording.
Ballets that slice through that remoteness (other than Slice to Sharp) are the atmospheric ones: Robbins' Afternoon of a Faun, Martins' staging of Sleeping Beauty, Wheeldon's darkly glamorous Klavier, the Balanchine/Robbins Firebird, Bigonzetti's In Vento, and Balanchine's Vienna Waltzes.
title poem is called "Mein Blaues Klavier." My Blue Piano.
For example, Klavier Integral, 1958-63, a piano covered
Aan die einde van versreels is daar 'n pouse in die stemparty, en tussen stofes komponeer Du Plessis langer tussenspele vir die klavier. (5)
La palabra neerlandesa 'Klavier' (Kla4) no solo significa 'piano', sino tambien, aunque en sentido figurativo, 'garra' o 'manaza'.