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British physicist who was born in Germany and fled Nazi persecution

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Klaus Fuchs - responsible for the single most significant act of espionage in British history
Finally, after several years of low-level espionage--much of it involving information that was either in the public domain or became available to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease program--Gold was chosen to be the courier for Klaus Fuchs, an exiled German physicist turned British citizen and Russian spy.
During these years, of course, Klaus Fuchs and Burgess-McLean spy cases happened and the Soviets also made their bomb.
One instance among the numberless: we electrocuted the Rosenbergs on dubious and trivial charges; the British merely imprisoned their spy, Klaus Fuchs, who confessed to atomic espionage, then let him finish his days in East Germany.
Consider the case of Klaus Fuchs, a member of the British mission to the Manhattan Project, whose conviction as a Soviet spy later led to the indictment of Julius Rosenberg: "Fuchs and other atom spies are credited with allowing the Russians to build the atom bomb and later their nuclear bomb earlier than would have been the case," Rusbridger writes.
1 Atomic researcher Klaus Fuchs was sentenced to 14 years in prison for spying 2 Florence Chadwick broke the Channel swim record 3 Disney's Cinderella was released 4 Princess Elizabeth's second child, Anne, was born impossipuzzles "He'll be here at seven o'clock," said Mary.
The spy tracking began in Britain with the conviction of the physicist Klaus Fuchs, in 1950, who was part of a wider Communist spy ring that implicated Julius Rosenberg.
Civil servants feared Pontecorvo's defection, coming on top of that of Klaus Fuchs, another atomic expert, could jeopardise Britain's work with America in the field.
But the long list of Britain's Cold War traitors began before Burgess and Maclean when three Soviet agents including Klaus Fuchs were discovered in the Britain's secret atomic research laboratories.
In 1990 he asserted in an article in a Russian journal that he was the agent who personally met with Klaus Fuchs in England between 1947 and 1949.
76 YEARS AGO (1950) Nuclear scientist Klaus Fuchs is jailed for 14 years for espionage.
1950: Scientist Klaus Fuchs was found guilty of passing British atomic secrets to Soviet agents: On January 27, 1950, Klaus Fuchs, confessed to being a Soviet spy passing vital atomic bomb secrets to the Russians.