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a member of the Ku Klux Klan

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A man who shared a prison cell with former Klansman, Edgar Ray Killen, exposes KKK Secrets and attempts to bridge the racial divide in his new book, Killen the KKK.
Notes about the formation of the jury that would convict a Klansman terrorist cover the back of the poster.
KLANSMAN FACTFILE THE Klansman |gang is regarded as Jamaica's deadliest firm.
Seven decades on, campaigners from the Moore's Ford Memorial Committee pin their hopes on the examples of other atrocities that were re-investigated and solved, such as the case of Edgar Ray Killen, a Klansman who in 1964 murdered three civil rights workers in Mississippi, and was finally jailed for 60 years in 2007, aged 82.
Two of the political parties in particular I see as Klansman who seek to spread racial hatred.
They show a crudely drawn hooded Klansman and bear the words "The KKK Wants You" - a feeble imitation of a First World War recruiting poster.
The Lawsons' next best was Hallington Justice Eric M378, another Proud Jake son, this time out of the Blelack Klansman C702 daughter Hallington Jayne Erica E090, a daughter of an early foundation female Blelack Jayne Erica C773, which previously bred the 8000gns Carlisle May champion in 2013.
Judge Warner told Philips, who has Asperger's, that: "On March 9, you went with others to a 'White Power Worldwide' demonstration at Swansea, taking with you a klansman outfit purchased from America.
At the time, Taylor and Burton were renting a house in Oroville, California while Burton was filming his latest movie, The Klansman, co-starring Lee Marvin, renowned as the biggest drinker in Hollywood, and glamorous Linda Evans who would later star as Krystle Carrington in Dynasty.
As I crossed over the Virginia border into North Carolina (I had previously never driven further South than Pennsylvania), the first sign on 1-95 that greeted me was a huge billboard of a hooded Ku Klux Klansman, atop a white horse.
Three weeks after his speech Klansman bombed a Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing four little girls.
But his halcyon days were replaced by duds like the dire, racial drama The Klansman or those incomprehensible horrors Exorcist II: The Heretic and The Medusa Touch.
Two Heads" serves as a potent prelude to "Picket Cage" (1999), an installation wherein the visage of a Klansman is slowly consumed by fire (on a video monitor, again) in a human-sized cell made of white picket fencing.
Evidently he reinvented himself from a White supremist and Klansman in the 1950s and 60s to, in the 1970s, an orphaned half-Cherokee author raised by his Cherokee grandparents.
Hugo Black was a Ku Klux Klansman who became a passionate promoter of free speech and civil rights.