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capital and largest city of the Ukraine

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Former employees of Ukraine's state enterprise - Ukrspecexport - Oleksandr Shkoliarenko and Oleksandr Khruliov, who were sentenced to imprisonment in Kazakhstan, could be transferred to Ukraine soon to serve their sentence in Ukraine, according to Ukraine's news agency Kiyv Post.
and Forecasts, in response to ArmInfo's question as to what can Moscow offer Kiyv to prevent Ukraine's European integration.
After the completing Turkey visit, the former U.S President Bill Clinton met anti -Aids groups in anti-Aids rally which held in Ukraine capital of Kiyv.
Kiyv, Ukraine, June 13, 2012 --( IBcontacts has conducted a credit investigation on Ovostar Union LLC upon the request of a European state financial institution, as a part of the process of evaluating potential debt financing for the New investment program, on the basis of the official financial statements.