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a lake in the mountains of central Africa between Congo and Rwanda

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Several reports on the reform of the FARDC raise the issue of impunity from the point of view that society, particularly women and young children are very likely to be sexually assaulted or raped, (52) suffer disproportionately at the hands of not only local militias that continue to operate throughout the Kivus and Ituri, but also un-disciplined rank-and-file FARDC that are rarely, if ever, held accountable for their actions
zones in Ituri, north of the Kivus, and in South Kivu may reportedly be
The eastern provinces of North and South Kivu have witnessed increased fighting between government troops and renegade fighters following the mutiny by soldiers led by Bosco Ntaganda and Sultani Makenga in April.
(16) Rwanda and the Congo realized that they could either keep the proxy war going--with all of its opportunities for the Rwandese and Congolese armies to enrich themselves by exploiting the Kivus' minerals--or agree to work jointly to eliminate the CNDP and FDLR.
En consecuencia, existian combates entre estos dos grupos "politicos" que causaban un aumento de la situacion conflictiva, especialmente en las zonas de Ituri y los Kivus. Asi las cosas, combates permanentes se libraban entre los rebeldes guiados por un miembro de la comunidad tutsi congolesa, el general destituido Laurent Nkunda, y las Fuerzas Armadas de la RDC (FARDC).
It said there were 7,685 attacks in Congo between January and June, including more than 4,500 in the Kivus.
"We see the same situation in Ituri and the Kivus," says MONUC's Dutch commander, Maj-Gen Patrick Cammaert, who heads the UN operations in the provinces of Ituri, North and South Kivu.
However, it recognises the major impact Rwanda makes on the humanitarian situation in the Kivus (DRC).
The focus might have shifted northwards, from Katanga to the Kivus, and the alleged involvement (according to a UN report published late last year) of both the Ugandans and Rwandese--with such rebel groups as M23 seeking to secure the mineral wealth of the region--has also changed.
The activities of armed groups, particularly the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) and Mayi Mayi, constitute a major threat to the civilian population especially in the Kivus."
It directs Monuc "to attach the highest priority to addressing the crisis in the Kivus [eastern DRC], in particular the protection of civilians, and to concentrate progressively during the coming year its action in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo."
The Council calls for an immediate cessation of military operations in the Kivus. It "reaffirms the need for transitional institutions to be set up as soon as possible in the DRC and calls on all parties to be flexible to that end".