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small brilliantly colored North American sunfish

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From a Christmas box with a quilt sent North in Clifton Taubert's "Quilts: Kiver for My Children" to a woman's first Christmas without her father in Nancy Isonhood's "The Morning Stove," the stories cover much familiar ground and some unfamiliar.
The incidence of aspiration reported in the literature varies depending on the population studied, study design, and the criteria used to define pulmonary aspiration.[9] For example, Kiver et al.
Much of the forested land of the northwestern United States is of volcanic origin and continues to be subject to the effects of volcanic eruptions (Kiver, 1982; Harris, 1988).
the Nile silica glass and brittle Sahara, Timbuctu, Gao the hills of Ahafo, winds of the Niger, Kumasi and Kiver down the coiled Congo and down that black river that tides us to hell
The Hamilton Rod & Gun Club will host a Kiver Derby from 9 a.m.
During his studies he won numerous prizes, including the RAM's Hubert Kiver Prize.
I've caught bass, perch, pickerel and kivers in three of the ponds, but have yet to crack the code of the deepest one at the southern end of the series.