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a kind of danceable music popular among black South Africans

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they will have had time to grow up," Jyrki Kivela reportedly added.
Kivela - David Allen Kivela, 67, of Springfield, died Oct.
Survivors include two daughters, Stephanie Martinson of Mill Creek, Wash., and Marcia Kivela of Springfield; five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.
23, for Ernest "Ernie" Kivela of North Bend, who died Nov.
Kivela - Ernest "Ernie" Kivela, 75, of North Bend, died Nov.
Since news of the theft hit the paper, people have made more than $3,000 in contributions, with more dollars promised in the future, bar owner Marcia Kivela said Wednesday.
"They used a crowbar, and they just splintered the whole door," said bar owner Marcia Kivela. "I'm just sick about it."
Survivors include his wife, Christine; his mother, Marye Redmond of Mill Creek, Wash.; a daughter, Jessica Lyons of Valentine, Neb.; and two sisters, Marcia Kivela of Springfield and Stephanie Martinson-Hodge of Seattle.
Tavern and Lounge, said owner Marcia Kivela, who attributes it to the Eugene ordinance.
We then used multivariate logistic regression analysis to assess univariately significant variables and potential risk factors identified a priori on the basis of findings of previous research (Lorant et al., 2003; Sjosten & Kivela, 2006; Vink et al., 2008).
Uponor shareholders' nomination board members are Ville Kivela (Oras Invest Oy), Henrika Vikman (Nordea Funds Oy) and Reima Rytsola (Varma Mutual Pension Insurance Company), as well as chair of the board of directors of the company, Annika Paasikivi (expert member).
Speaking at the Digitrans 2018 Forum, Ilkka Kivela, managing director at Protiviti noted that a few years ago studies which explored the major risks that organisations around the world are facing, identified issues such as geopolitical risks as the top threat."Today, the top three risks to organisations all have to do with digital," he said.
(14.) Vilkman S, Keistinen T, Tuuponen T, Kivela SL.