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a disposable towel made of absorbent paper

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WEDNESDAY Binned leftover toast from breakfast, milk carton as the milk had gone off, yoghurt pots and kitchen roll.
If you wanted to compile a long list you could take a piece of paper, or preferably a new kitchen roll, and write 'ways of improving F1' at the top.
The couple work on SCA's ASDA product line making the its own-brand toilet tissue and kitchen roll.
Oil paint on a carpet is best treated right away by dabbing up any excess with kitchen roll.
In February this year, in a test purchase carried out by police, a 16-year-old was served two bottles of TNT room odouriser, which was sold as poppers, and a blue tablet wrapped in kitchen roll.
This includes but is not limited to; toilet rolls and tissues, paper towels, paper hand towel rolls, centre feed wiper roll, kitchen roll, facial tissues and dispensers for these products.
YOU WILL NEED: Coffee filter papers (or you can use tissue paper or kitchen roll instead) Scissors Felt tip pens Wooden pegs Pipe cleaners (optional) METHOD TAKE a coffee filter paper and trim off the patterned edge.
Determined not to let her make a mess on the carpet, I tried wrapping the royal toe in a bit of kitchen roll but it flipped off.
Transfer to a plate lined with kitchen roll and keep warm until you've cooked them all.
I knew I definitely needed stitches, but I had no plasters, so I used kitchen roll with masking tape.
This week it was delighted to receive a bumper donation of loo roll, kitchen roll and blue wiping rolls from disposable tissue manufacturer Essential Supply Products Ltd.
That's not the case with things like kitchen roll, tissues, and cleansing wipes, which get stuck in the very small drains.
Someone from Superdrug brought out kitchen roll and tried to stem the blood but it just seeped through.
has developed and is now distributing Ever-Green(TM) Kitchen Roll Towel, which is soft, absorbent, inexpensive and, best of all, environmentally friendly.
However, the amount of recycled kitchen roll sold rose by 22.