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a Bantu language

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Kiswahili is spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries.
Over 140 million people speak Kiswahili in Eastern and Southern Africa; Kiswahili is also one of the official languages in Kenya and Tanzania.
This idea of pulling together and being self-sufficient reminds me of another Kiswahili phrase, "Harambee", which means to pull together.
On the radio and online, Deutsche Welle is available in English, French, Hausa, Kiswahili, Amharic and Portuguese.
Identifying first graders at risk of reading and writing difficulties; creating a group-based screening tool in Kiswahili in Tanzania.
Her intention in graduate school was to broaden her studies and fulfill her love of traveling as well, focusing on international affairs with a concentration in languages, studying Kiswahili and French.
In a chapter dedicated to novels in Kiswahili the author convincingly shows that writers in indigenous languages are absorbed in a tangled net of local issues and see little point in dwelling on colonialism.
The article "Kiswahili Poetic Aesthetics: From the General Identities to the African Prodigy" by Wendo Nabea and Pamela Ngugi assesses the evolving Kiswahili poetry aesthetics.
Already, the team has received translations in more than 20 languages, including Albanian, Catalan, Finnish, Kiswahili.
The phrase, which means EoACAyThank you very much' in Kiswahili, echoed in her hotel room as she was preparing for her flight yesterday.
Kinetica is out of Kiswahili, by Lanwades stallion Selkirk and trained by Prescott to win a Listed race in Munich as well as take third in similar events at Musselburgh and Cologne.
I had to be able to speak some Kiswahili to communicate with them, because most of them didn't speak English that well.
I had gone there to study Portuguese and Kiswahili.
uses Kiswahili words to teach concepts, such as kidogo (little), pole, pole (slowly, slowly), and chapu, chapu (hurry, hurry
Swahili, or Kiswahili, is a language spoken in many parts of Africa.