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a Bantu language

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Ssekamwa and Lugumba (2001: 8) contend that the other advocates for the use of Kiswahili as a language of instruction in Ugandan schools, including Hussey, the Director of Education, viewed Kiswahili as a common communication tool that could ease communication gaps across ethnic groups, and different societies within the East African region (cf.
While her English-speaking neighbours Uganda and Kenya rely on material produced in the Anglo-Saxon world, Tanzanian publishers find they have to translate and publish Julius Caesar into Kiswahili.
Kiswahili is spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other African countries.
The Kenya Primary Math and Reading Initiative (PRIMR) aims to improve literacy learning by aligning learning materials and teacher practices with current research, providing ongoing instructional support and observation, and supplying instructional materials and English and Kiswahili books for students.
Sullivan weaves Kiswahili words and local culture into the text, using Habo's inspiring search for dignity and acceptance to highlight a real-life issue in parts of modern day Tanzania - the poaching of albinos for good luck charms.
On the radio and online, Deutsche Welle is available in English, French, Hausa, Kiswahili, Amharic and Portuguese.
Tanzania has been reluctant in the fast tracking of the political federation of the region, something analysts say is because of fears that its citizens could be out competed in the job market when the region is federated because unlike the other countries where English is the official language, in Tanzania, Kiswahili is the official language in Tanzania.
Identifying first graders at risk of reading and writing difficulties; creating a group-based screening tool in Kiswahili in Tanzania.
Popularly known as Jua Kali/Nguvu Kazi, Kiswahili language for aACAyhot sun/labour poweraACAO, the informal sector is increasingly playing a crucial role in the growth and development of the economies of the EAC region.
Already, the team has received translations in more than 20 languages, including Albanian, Catalan, Finnish, Kiswahili.
Kinetica is out of Kiswahili, by Lanwades stallion Selkirk and trained by Prescott to win a Listed race in Munich as well as take third in similar events at Musselburgh and Cologne.
Tunza is a Kiswahili word (the common language of most East African countries) that means to "treat with care".
Starting as a single Arabic language news channel, Al Jazeera now broadcasts 25 channels in Arabic and English, with Turkish, Kiswahili and a Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian channel soon to come.
I had to be able to speak some Kiswahili to communicate with them, because most of them didn't speak English that well.
I had gone there to study Portuguese and Kiswahili.