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the capital of Moldova

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2 Kishinev 277014 Moldavian-SSR, USSR SCI Computer Scientist (AFSJ) Rita Fuks Denied Exit Visa Birth: 1955 First Refusal: 1981 Krasnaya 15/27, Odessa, USSR (SJEIC) Viktor Galperin Denied Exit Visa Ul.
The local authorities in Taraclia, the center of the Bulgarian community in Moldova, have declared their outrage by the failure of Moldova's Prime Minister Vlad Filat to keep his promises, with the central government in Kishinev being about to terminate all funding for the Bulgarian municipalities.
Speaking at the inauguration of the Summit of the Heads of State & Government of the South-East European Cooperation Process in Kishinev, Moldova, Erdogan said that Turkey would take over the rotating presidency of the South-East European Cooperation Process during the summit.
In one of its secret files are several newspaper cut-outs with photos of the singer's time in the former USSR, where he played 23 concerts over 23 nights in Moscow, Leningrad and Kishinev, the capital of Moldova.
Real peace, peace between the peoples, peace between the children born this week, on the day of the funeral, in Tel Aviv and Ramallah, will only come about when Arab pupils learn the immortal poem of Chaim Nachman Bialik "The Valley of Death",Aa about the Kishinev pogrom, and when Israeli pupils learn the poems of Darwish about the Naqba.
Tanto los habitantes rusos y ucranianos de la Republica de Dniester como los gagauzos, declararon su desobediencia a las autoridades centrales de Kishinev, capital del pais, que desde la independencia de Moldova obtuvo el nombre de Chisinau.
To contextualize this argument, Arad devotes the first seventy pages of her book to American Jewish responses to earlier emergencies, such as the Damascus Affair of 1840 and the Kishinev pogroms of 1903 and 1905.
Duffy saw the 22-year-old international score in Zimbru's 2-0 league win over FC Olympia in Kishinev on Wednesday.
Europe's poorest nation skirts Dracula country - but the modern-day bloodsuckers are the bandits who plague the streets of the capital, Kishinev.
He received his bachelor of science degree in physics at Kishinev University, Kishinev, Moldavia.
Moldova's government is carrying out difficult reforms on its EU integration, which is why it needs our full support," Bulgaria's top diplomat Nikolay Mladenov declared during his visit in Moldova's capital Kishinev Thursday.
But he did write about anti-Semitism in Europe and in Russia, which he visited while a pogrom was decimating the town of Kishinev.
Anatoliy Chirbik led a group of singing supporters through a demonstration = at Stefan the Great Square in Kishinev, during which they used hammers and = iron bars to dismantle the five-foot-tall menorah, hastily erecting the hug= e cross in its place.
KISHINEV, Jun 6, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that NATO and EU should keep their doors open to Balkan countries and give encouraging messages particularly on enlargement.