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an island republic in the west central Pacific just to the south of the equator

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Infection frequency of hepatitis C virus and IL28B haplotypes in Papua New Guinea, Fiji, and Kiribati.
We in Kiribati are acknowledging the reality that the landmass based on the scenarios projected will be reduced.
The substantial rates of sexual abuse of girls before the age of 15 years in the Pacific (18% in Kiribati (5) and 37% in Solomon Islands (4)) is likely to result in untreated sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies, along with a host of other health and social consequences.
Kiribati (pronounced "keer-ah-bhass") consists of 32 low-lying atolls and one raised island scattered over an expanse of ocean equivalent in size to the continental United States.
One approach would focus on Kiribati's claims to either protection against or compensation from those nations that are causally responsible for the crisis, given that inhabitants of Kiribati have themselves done less per capita than those of almost any other country to cause climate change.
On Monday and Tuesday, Aso held talks separately with the leaders of Kiribati, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.
The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has deployed a Joint Task Force to the small Pacific Island nation of Kiribati to commence Operation Kiribati Assist at the request from the Government of Kiribati to assist in the disposal of World War II unexploded ordnance (UXO) from locations throughout Kiribati.
In our region, a rise of one metre would effectively put the small Pacific Island nations of Kiribati and Tuvalu at ground zero, a prospect that raises a host of humanitarian issues for Australia and New Zealand.
About 11,000 kilometers east, halfway between Hawaii and Fiji, lies the little-known nation of Kiribati.
The President of the South Pacific nation of Kiribati, A note Tong, says he hopes nations will step up to help his country's people who face having their homeland disappear under rising seas caused by climate change.
The highest point on most islands is just two metres above sea level and parts of Kiribati are already underwater, forcing some of its 94,000 people living in shoreline village communities to be relocated from centuries-old sites.
The discovery of Kiribati, a former British colony, follows a six month project that saw a panel of leading explorers and cartographers embark on a quest to identify the remotest geographical location on the globe.
Countries involved include the Cook Islands, Micronesia, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu.
Only the Catholic Church and two long-standing Protestant denominations, the Nauru Congregational Church and the Kiribati Protestant Church, are officially registered to operate.