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a member of a people of Turkic speech and Mongolian race inhabiting vast regions of central Siberia

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the Turkic language spoken by the Kirghiz

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In that year the Turkic Kirghiz (Hsia-chia-ssu [CHINESE CHARACTERS NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII TEXT], etc.
I vividly remember the occasion when, in opening a course, he announced that it would be based on the Kirghiz chapter of the T'ang shu.
The Ambassador reminded that almost 900,000 Russianslived in the Kirghiz SSR, and reduction of the number is observed during the last 20 years.
Pan states that the Kirghiz gained control over Beiting (Besbaliq) and other parts of the Tarim Basin after their defeat of the Uighurs (p.
Besides, this area was approved by the decree of the Supreme Council of Kirghiz SSR in 1961 but with one clause, i.
The topics range from "Er Toshtuk" of the Kirghiz tradition to "Midnight Express"; from new Uzbek literature to one of Turkey's most popular novels ("Calikusu"); from the Bosnian literary narrative to a 19th-century Ottoman novel.
The governor of Kizilsuu Kirghiz Autonomous Prefecture of China Barkat Turdu said they plan to improve cooperation with Kyrgyzstan in agriculture.
These are designs having a blue color and designs based on the flag of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic.
As part of the Soviet Union the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic gained its flag upon obtaining the status of the Soviet Union Republic in 1936.
Upon graduation from the Middle Asian Economic Planning Institute in Tashkent in 1937 Kazy Dikambaev served in the State Planning Ministry of the Kirghiz SSE for a long time.
He said that the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic was created on December 5, 1936 as part of the USSR.
On this day in 1989 the Supreme Council of Kirghiz SSR adopted the law on official language of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic that formalized a legal status of Kyrgyz language as official language.
Adopted in 1992 - just over seven months after the country's independence was declared - to replace the flag of the Kirghiz Soviet Socialist Republic (SSR), it has been the flag of the Kyrgyz Republic since that year.
Irtysch frequens [frequently in meadows near Irtysh River, s29], nec non in deserti Soongoro-Kirghisici [and certainly on the Kirghiz steppe, s32], arenosis ad lacum Noor-Saissan [growing on sand near Lake Zaysan, s29].