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United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956)

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The match went faster than I that it was supposed to," Kinsey said.
Dr Kinsey was known for his eloquent radio and television media interviews, explaining Reef matters of deep consequence to the general public, he said.
Kinsey is believed to be among the first people in OreAaAeAeA gon charg with the offense.
It's still very preliminary, but we at Lofty Labs are helping them have an event," Kinsey said.
It was during his first season with Wolves that Kinsey received his first of four England call-ups, playing in a 2-0 defeat of Wales at Wrexham in March 1892.
Kinsey," John Rivera, president of the Police Benevolent Association in Dade County, said Friday.
Mr Kinsey's lawyer, Hilton Napoleon, said the video of the incident on Monday, shows Mr Kinsey asking the officers not to shoot as the autistic man yells at him to "shut up".
Requests for interviews with Kinsey and his attorney were not immediately answered.
Bernard and Shirley Kinsey have spent many years amassing this exceptional collection of rare African American art, artifacts, books, and documents that demonstrate the accomplishments and successes of African Americans throughout American history," says Stephen Cunetto, administrator of systems at Mississippi State University Libraries.
The careers of both Kinsey and Wells would increase and flourish as a result of the unique and paradoxical partnership they developed on the Bloomington, Indiana campus.
Kinsey will work closely with Rich Loughlin, vice president of strategic sales, and will play a major role in the company's continued growth plans.
SBHF includes several discursive dimensions: (a) the findings suggested within the text itself; (b) female voices quoted and represented by Kinsey within the book; (c) newspaper commentary of writers who reacted to the book in the media; and (d) newspaper readers in 1953 who contributed an additional level of reflection within the larger cultural environment.
How to create a new plot after 22 previous Kinsey Millhone novels was no deterrent to the author who wasted no time in solving the important murders and tackling the problem of the homeless.
Dexa Health, based at Total Fitness in Aintree, is made up of sisters Rachel Paglia and Joanne Kinsey along with their husbands Ben Paglia and Dr Jack Kinsey.
But Kinsey one day went into his flat to swap his TV set and steal a wallet, said a judge, who jailed him for a total of 20 months.