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In Killer Weed, Castleman is more interested in the history of a city's past then in the characters from that past, more involved with past times of those people than the people of those past times.
The tiny psyllid insect, Aphalara itadori, which feeds on the sap of the killer weed, will be let loose around the country.
A record number of specialist-led stop smoking clinics will be held in the New Year as health experts target the killer weed.
But Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt is demanding the ban's swift introduction to cut the death toll from the killer weed.
RIDING school owner Sandy Sandon is urging people to be aware of the killer weed, ragwort.
The mum-of-three was thrust into the spotlight by her husband Alfred's addiction to the killer weed.
AFTER 16 years as a smoker, Lesley Wallace wants to stub out the killer weed once and for all.
Losing several members of his nearest and dearest to lung cancer has left him vehemently opposed to this killer weed.
The CLA has made an urgent appeal for all owners and occupiers to check their land now for evidence of the killer weed and to eradicate all plants before they come into bloom with their distinctive yellow flowers.
The change didn't go over well with Assemblyman Thomas ``Rico'' Oller, R-Roseville, who is known for fiery press releases that decry problems with several exclamation points, problems like a particularly nasty killer weed (exclamation point) that was threatening his area.
Paul Hooper, from Smoke Free Birmingham, which wants to eliminate smoking completely, said the Asian population had long been left out of health promotion drives to curb the killer weed.
BHS members in North Wales have thrown their weight behind the initiative, which aims to highlight areas which have bad infestation of the killer weed.