Mount Kilimanjaro

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the highest peak in Africa

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MODEL Georgia Salpa has been partying with stars from The Only Way Is Essex - while her fellow models are scaling Mount Kiliminjaro for charity.
The names of specific places, including specific cities, states, countries, continents, such as Seoul, Alaska, Mexico, and Australia; specific islands, mountains, oceans, lakes, and rivers, such as Ellis Island, Mount Kiliminjaro, the Indian Ocean, Lake Michigan, and the Yangtze River; and specific streets, such as Fifth Avenue, Mulberry Street, and Sunset Boulevard.
I was 14 when I saw and heard him in the film The Snows of Kiliminjaro, with Gregory Peck and Ava Gardener and I wanted a saxophone from that moment.
ON A HIGH Celebs on top of Africa's Kiliminjaro GLASS ACT Contestants in hot tub JOKE Copstick, Manford & Davies HORRIFIED Janine's arrival shocks Ricky and Pat
Do not use the with names of streets, parks, cities, states, counties, countries (with some exceptions, such as the Netherlands or the United States), continents, and individual lakes, mountains, and islands: Mulberry Street, Central Park, Chicago, Illinois, Orange County, Mexico, South America, Lake Michigan, Mount Kiliminjaro, and Ellis Island.
Tanzania to be precise, the largest country in East Africa and home to Africa's highest mountain, Kiliminjaro.