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a unit of information equal to 1024 bytes

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KIB is a private 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation providing employment services to the blind and visually impaired throughout Kentucky.
Al-Sabah will sign the agreements on behalf of the KIB next Sunday in Cairo.
In this occasion, Board Secretary and Head of Economics Research Department at KIB Sadeq Abul said, "KIB is very proud with the services which it provides to researchers and postgraduate students in different universities across the world.
Sheikh Mohammad Al-Jarah said today in a statement on the occasion of KIB
The increase in the number of KIB branches is among the bank's strategic
KIB has invited international experts in the field to lead the session and educate the employees about the topic highlighting on the corrupting effect money laundering has on any economy and its financial system.
KIB is among three banks in Kuwait which operate in compliance with Islamic
Satel is pleased to have helped Cerberian prove the technical viability of the Cerberian Internet Manager," said Kib Pearson, president of Satel Inc.
For information on attending, please contact Sylvia ben Messaoud at KIB, tel: +49 69 9798 1297 or kibsbm@csi.
Planning infrastructure KIB, package 6 SaarbrE-ckenProject of baseload (Phases 6-7 optional)3511 113.
KUNA, the official Kuwait news agency, quoted KIB Chairman Sheikh Mohammad Al-Jarah Al-Sabah as saying that increasing KIB's capital is unthinkable in the current period under such difficult economic conditions, He was speaking to the press on the sidelines of the KIB ordinary general assembly.
The KIB said in a statement that shareholders' equity amounted to some KD 238.
This month KIB held its annual Proud Partners Awards reception at First Baptist Church of Irving.
The Facility was initially launched for $100 million, and following strong interest from the market KIB decided to utilise the significant oversubscription to increase the Facility size to $320 million.
It has a tenure of three years and will be used by KIB for general funding purposes.