Khoisan language

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a family of languages spoken in southern Africa

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The Khoisan language, Khoi Khoi Gowab, is still being spoken by most San and Nama peoples; hence the Khoi Khoi Gowab language is known today as the Nama language.
Secondly, Barnard builds comparative structuralist arguments around the assumption that there is such an entity as a Khoisan cultural system, which coincides with the Khoisan language area.
Although most Khoisan languages are themselves now either endangered or dead, the fact that clicks are still widely used to represent letters such as c, q and x and that 15% of Xhosa vocabulary is of Khoisan origin means that at least they live on, even if it does happen to be diminishing.
There are some languages that even practiced linguists have found unusually difficult--Basque and Khoisan Languages among them.
In the library I came upon books unopened since the 1920s; reports on the territory of South West Africa by its German explorers and administrators, accounts of punitive expeditions against the Nama and Herero, dissertations on the physical anthropology of the natives, monographs by the German ethnologist Carl Meinhof on the Khoisan languages.
But in many African languages, for example, the Khoisan languages of Southern Africa, clicks are normal consonants.