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a city in southern Afghanistan

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The poor state of even relatively new pics like "Khandahar" illustrates the problems facing restoration efforts.
However, for details about Kabul and Khandahar in Wanting Mor, she turned to in-laws who were from those places.
But this option also necessitates passage through the dangerous Taliban heartland around Khandahar.
The 3d IBCT was already spread throughout Regional Command (RC) East, their primary area of operations, and Operation Mountain Thrust would require transferring an array of forces first to Khandahar Airfield (KAF) and then to Musa Qalah in RC South.
The current Canadian Forces commitment to the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Khandahar ends in February 2009.
(43) Verbal Report to Phoenix SJA by Major Paul Waldron, 205th RCAC CJA, in Khandahar, Afghanistan (Sept.
Like the American Soldiers of generations past, today' s warriors are distinguishing themselves with tremendous acts of courage and valor in places such as Baghdad, Samarra, Tal Afar, and Khandahar.
But think, too, of how difficult it is to maintain a not-American identification after the shame of Rwanda or Khandahar, or think of the different shame for a different war exposed by the documentary film The Valour and the Horror.
I am now on a team of eight heading for Qalat, Afghanastan, (altitude 5,085 feet, just north of Khandahar), to fill in as the communications officer.
After that, the banner will be brought to similar locations at Bagram and Khandahar in Afghanistan.
Quite frankly, what we have heard from the members themselves, particularly those who were in Khandahar and returned via Guam, is that they thought the decompression period was an excellent initiative.
In Afghanistan, the base camps at Khandahar and Baghram progressed more slowly, because the primary concern was force protection.
(26) Al-Jazeera had aired several tapes of Osama Bin Laden, including a wedding tape of one of his sons in Khandahar in 1999.
I have a lot of trouble, though, when we just say throw out all the rules because I've got to make sure that what you field is supportable at Khandahar and Bagram and other places around the world like that.
When we were doing the airfield seizure at Khandahar, there was no place where we could establish a fire position for the artillery."