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In the skirmish we may note three details: the Athenians who escaped Persian pursuit made for the Peneios delta, which suggests they were surprised north of it or very close to it;(14) they got away through Thessaly, which suggests that the area was not yet occupied (their pursuers could otherwise have landed and chased them towards their own forces); and they were conveyed to Athens rather than to Artemision or Khalkis, which suggests that at the time there was no Greek fleet on station in north Euboia or near it.
Donkin of Jesus College and the Department of Geography, Cambridge, for help with the maps; Constantine and Sibylle Mano for help and hospitality on Skiathos; my sister Elizabeth Bowen who with Richard, Heather and Matthew Clay, Marie-Catherine Gauthier, and David Livermore made stimulating company in August 1992 on board a yacht hired to work the waters between Khalkis and the Peneios mouth; Professor W.
In that epoch-making year of 1971, Magnier launched Deep Run on his stud career at Grange, also acquiring Khalkis and Laurence O to stand alongside Prince Hansel, to form a team he advertised as "the greatest selection of NH stallions in Europe".