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any of a class of organic compounds having a carbonyl group linked to a carbon atom in each of two hydrocarbon radicals

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Cisco's (NASDAQ: CSCO) said it signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation with KeyTone Cloud to bring hybrid cloud technology to providers and enterprises in the Asian Pacific market (APAC).
It would inject USD20m into each of the three funds including Aloe Environment Fund III, Keytone Ventures II, and VenturEast Life Fund III.
You can also use the LCD screen to change the Data Locker PIN, dismount the drive, toggle the keytone on or off, or wipe the drive clean.
But there are plenty of unfamiliar substances, such as Terphenyl, a sunscreen dye; musk keytone, a fragrance; and Pimozide, an anti-psychotic drug.
While many factors contributed to overall success, it's clear in retrospect that the most important factor was ensuring that the keytone of the strategy--the inventory/service level exchange curve--was understood at all levels, from KLA's chief executive to all the employees who executed to the plan.
The State of Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety offered the example that the NRC standards would not sufficiently protect against chemical hazards of mixed waste because the NRC regulations do not cover the corrosive nature of nitric acid or the flammability of methyl ethyl keytone.
And the plastics used are very susceptible to deterioration if exposed to bore solvents containing ethanol, methyl ethyl keytone, acetone, or kerosene -- which covers practically all bore cleaners.
BASF Venture Capital, Total Energy Ventures and Keytone Ventures Co-Lead $40 Million Equity Funding to Accelerate the Company's Commercial Operations and Manufacturing Capabilities
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 12, 2015-Cisco invests in KeyTone Cloud
Existing investors HAO Capital and Qiming Ventures participated in the round, together with new investors WLR China Energy Infrastructure Fund and Keytone Ventures.
A black and silver design is adopted throughout the interior, with the instrument panel contrasting between a black keytone colour and silver-coloured details.
The Manila-based bank will invest USD20m each in the Aloe Environment Fund III, Keytone Ventures-II, and VenturEast Life Fund-III.
On top of this, it has a melody alarm and keytone function facility, along with a countdown and quick function facility for only pounds 3.
The round was led by Keytone Ventures, a leading venture capital firm in China with a heavy investment focus on the mobile Internet industry (Analogix Semiconductor, Borqs), and DCM, a global venture capital firm with a strong investment focus on social networks and gaming (RenRen, Trion, RockYou, PlayFirst).