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a ketone that is an intermediate product of the breakdown of fats in the body

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What doesn't change, though, is the brain's ability to take up ketone bodies," he said.
Some studies showed that mitochondrial complex I activity is decreased in ALS, and that ketone bodies can restore the function of this complex.
They cause enhanced lipolysis, causing the release of free fatty acids to the liver, where they are preferentially converted into ketone bodies.
Nandrolone 50 mg i/m, an anabolic steroid was administered which fasters elimination of ketone bodies from blood within 24-48 hours of treatment (Dhoble et al.
Dixit and colleagues focused on how macrophages, the specialized immune cells that produce inflammation, react when exposed to ketone bodies and whether that impacts the inflammasome complex.
Taking the low-carb diet one step further: if carbohydrates are restricted to a level below the requirements of ongoing metabolic need, the liver releases glucose from its glycogen stores until depleted and then begins to break down fat (from the diet as well as body storage) into ketone bodies which can be used as an alternative source of cellular energy.
By easily getting metabolized by the liver, MCTs in larger amounts trigger the elevation of ketone bodies, which enhance brain performance and body functions.
Working with mice and human immune cells, Dixit and colleagues focused on how macrophages -- specialized immune cells that produce inflammation -- respond when exposed to ketone bodies and whether that impacts the inflammasone complex.
C) Fatty acids are oxidized in the liver and produce ketone bodies.
Ketone bodies and brain glutamate and GABA metabolism.
In DKA, the high anion gap is attributed largely to excessive production of blood ketone bodies, and serum [beta]-hydroxybutyrate quantification is recommended for the diagnosis and monitoring of DKA (2).
The reports quoted NIMS doctors, as saying that his sugar and blood pressure levels have reduced considerably, while the ketone bodies in his urine are high.
Morning RBS was 110 mg/dl and urine ketone bodies were negative.