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Synonyms for Kern

United States composer of musical comedies (1885-1945)

the part of a metal typeface that projects beyond its body

Related Words

furnish with a kern

remove a portion of space between (adjacent letters)

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According to the New York Daily News, the host on the show were discussing about India's central bank when Kernen made the racist remarks.
If you can combine skill and style, then you have the whole package," Kernen laughs.
Despite how that sounds, however, Kernen and co-author Joseph Ayotte of the U.
About 40 ha were burned on Kernen Prairie in autumn 1986; and within this 40-ha burn, one area about 5 ha in size was burned again in Apr.
Without the CNBC sound effects of JimCramer, the measured measurements of Maria Bartiromo or the boxed-in squawking of Quick, Quintanilla or Kernen, numbers can actually steady your frayed NCAA nerves.
By transcervical insertion of a flushing catheter (Ch 12, Ruesch, Kernen, Germany, Catalogue No.
Investigators are looking into how confidential documents, including bank account numbers and employment details, were included in a package sent to Julie Kernen.
37 percent Material Type Estimated Tons Total Disposed Generated Asphalt 0 411 Concrete 0 4,949 Scrap Metal & fixtures 0 270 Lumber 0 122 Miscellaneous Demo Debris 1,147 1,147 Total Disposed Generated Recycled Materials Disposed Materials 1,147 Total Tons Generated 6,899 Recycling Rate Table 2: Target Eureka Store-Montgomery Wards Demolition and Solid Waste and Recycling Data--Final Report Per Kernen Construction, Eureka, Calif.
Kernen, SC, USN, completed 24 years of active service and retired on Jan.
72-second advantage over Austrian Michael Walchhofer, with Swiss Bruno Kernen third.
Panelists: Mimi Belt, VP, NBC/Telemundo; Rose Karpel, video project manager, Reuters; Bob Kernen, advanced media projects manager, A&E; Tom Nguyen, technology & innovation strategist, Reuters
Overall Downhill World Cup Standings: 1 Fritz Strobl (Aut) 415pts, 2 Michael Walchhofer (Aut) 372, 3 Daron Rahlves (USA) 330, 4 Marco Buechel (Lie) 280, 5 Kjetil Andre Aamodt (Nor) 237, 6 Bode Miller (USA) 210, 7 Bruno Kernen (Swi) 188, 8 Hermann Maier (Aut) 179, 9 Erik Guay (Can) 176, 10 Hans Grugger (Aut) 166.
The pubescent-hulled pollinator was seeded in a 5- x 5-m block on fallow land at the Kernen Crop Research Farm (Univ.
Barrett, Christopher Billow, Amanda Bonus, Kelly Brannan, Zach Carter, Bethany Cornelia, Kristen Cooperkline, Tracy DiBiasio, Rebecca Dieleman, Alice Dorman, Juliann Draper, Kate Dunham, Roger Ekstrom, Matthew Foulds, Vanessa Georgeson, Todd Ginter, Colin Grindall, Annabell Haessler, Jason Hanflik, Jayna Hanson, Jessica Hill, Brandon Holman, Jessica Hunter, Erin Kernen, Elizabeth Kerr, Samuel Langley, Andrew Le Blanc, Eli Lewine, J.