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a town at the southern tip of Illinois at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa

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45) "Police seize control of Kerdasa, a major general killed," al-Masry al-Youm, September 19, 2013.
Similar incidents were reported in the Nile Delta province of Sharqiya and in the town of Kerdasa, southwest of Cairo.
Witnesses and security officials said 400 Mursi supporters staged a march against the election in Kerdasa, a town on the Cairo outskirts where 14 policemen were killed last August after the security forces killed hundreds of Mursi supporters.
Abodonia said that many people from the Gulf region go to buy Jalabiyya in a market in Kerdasa, a village in Giza Governorate in Egypt.
Four people were also killed in clashes in Giza, two of whom were shot dead in the village of Kerdasa, a bastion of Islamist support.
The security sources have said that three other Morsi supporters were shot dead in the Cairo suburb of Kerdasa.
Hundreds of his supporters were killed, and the raid in Kerdasa followed two hours later.
Smoke rises during clashes between Egyptian security forces and suspected militants in the town of Kerdasa, >near Giza Pyramids, Egypt, earlier this month
Faraj was fatally injured in Thursday's crackdown launched by security and army troops on the town of Kerdasa in Giza, south of Cairo, where suspected Islamists, reportedly backing the toppled president Mohammad Mursi, fired at the forces.
Gen Nabil Farrag had just given a pep talk to his men on the street, preparing them to roll into the town of Kerdasa, when they came under a hail of gunfire, according to journalists at the scene.
They went into Kerdasa at about 05:30 local time (03:30 GMT), on Thursday, backed by helicopters.
REUTERS/Joshua Lott CAIRO - 5 January 2018: A security source on Friday denied rumors that were spread by the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood group that a quarrel between "political detainees" and criminal inmates in Kerdasa police station in Giza left some people dead.
The defendants are accused of storming the Kerdasa police station in Giza, killing several officers, and intending to kill others.
The seven defendants were accused of killing Major-General Nabil Faraj, assistant director of Giza security, during an armed confrontation that took place in Kerdasa village in Giza between security forces and terrorist suspects.
The rapidly escalating violence eventually led to deaths of 638 people, of whom 595 were civilians and 43 police officers, with at least 3,994 injured in addition to several incidents in various cities including Minya and Kerdasa.