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German astronomer who first stated laws of planetary motion (1571-1630)

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Schee, "Optical effects related to Keplerian discs orbiting Kehagias-Sfetsos naked singularities," Classical and Quantum Gravity, vol.
The traditional orbital elements are the six Keplerian elements, after Johannes Kepler and his laws of planetary motion, whose symbols, meanings and roles is shown in Table 1.
In a Keplerian system, the eyepiece ([F.sub.e]) is a convex lens and thus positive in power.
P Ananda, "Lunar gravity: A long-term Keplerian Rate Method," Journal of Geophysical Research, vol.
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They were also able to confirm that the disk was "Keplerian" - one that rotates faster at its centre than at the edge.
At radii r > [R.sub.A], the matter is assumed to rotate with the Keplerian angular frequency as
And that is because for Borromini, following on the heels of the Keplerian revolution, the circle and the ellipse were wholly interchangeable; neither one metaphysically or pictorially privileged.
The constant rotation speed contradicts the laws of Keplerian dynamics and suggests that much of the mass of the Milky Way does not emit or absorb electromagnetic radiation.
In the first approximation, the motion of a satellite around the Earth is solved as Kepler's problem, the Earth is taken as a mass point and the satellite with a negligible mass is moving around it, following an ideal Keplerian ellipse.
For example, we could record the planet at different times and then fit a Keplerian orbit to its observed positions around the host star.
The correspondence between the two and contemporary reception of the bizarre, polychromatic building are included here, as are aphorisms Scheerbart wrote for it--'Without a palace of glass, life is a burdensome task.' Placed next to Taut's list of glass suppliers--Luxfer Prism Glass, Keplerian Reinforced Concrete Glass--the aphorisms read like utopian poetry and advertising copy.
(71) No aberration is seen when stars in binary orbiting systems move at varying velocities relative to Earth; if Relativity were true their apparent positions would deviate wildly from Keplerian motion.
Keplerian discs around post-AGB stars: a common phenomenon?
Keplerian parameters of the trajectory of the LEO satellite