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a tax-deferred pension plan for employees of unincorporated businesses or for self-employed persons

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R now has a $1 million balance in his Keogh account.
Designed for the self-employed, Keogh accounts allow annual contributions of up to $30,000.
110 TC 11 - Recipient's use of cash distribution from IRA and Keogh accounts to purchase stock and then contribute the stock to a new IRA within the 60-day rollover does not constitute a tax-free rollover, because rollovers can only be accomplished tax-free if it is "money-to-money.
Pensions refer to all "qualified" retirement savings, including defined-benefit employer-sponsored pension plans, 401 (k)s, individual retirement accounts, and Keogh accounts.
6) Investor interest may also have been spurred between 1982 and 1986 by the incentives to invest in individual retirement accounts (IRA) and Keogh accounts.
Research at the Dallas Fed indicates that redefining M2 to include bond funds held outside Individual Retirement Accounts and Keogh accounts by households would result in a monetary aggregate more closely related to its opportunity cost (that is, competitive interest rates) and nominal GDP than is M2 as currently defined.
And there are also individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or Keogh accounts.
Observation: The above result can be avoided by transferring money from IRA and Keogh accounts via trustee-to-trustee transfers and then having the new IRA purchase the stock.