Kenyan shilling

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the basic unit of money in Kenya


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The FTSE NSE Kenyan Shilling Government Bond Index is designed to provide investors with an accurate metric to measure the performance of Kenyan sovereign debt.
The Kenyan shilling eased on Tuesday as energy and manufacturing companies bought dollars after the Central Bank injected billions of shillings into the market for the second day in a row.
Jonathan Cooper, Managing Director, FTSE Middle East and Africa, said, "The launch of the FTSE NSE Kenyan Shilling Government Bond Index Series, is the culmination of several months consultation involving both the Nairobi Securities Exchange and various market participants.
The value of the Kenyan shilling fluctuated after the central bank made repurchase agreements.
The Kenyan shilling fell against the dollar on Thursday, undermined by greenback demand from the energy sector, along with jitters about a strike threat over pay and a fuel crisis that left pumps dry in the capital.
Sterling's strength against the Kenyan shilling means holidaymakers will get about 7% more for their money there than last October.
In order to launch the multibillion Kenyan shilling project, the project's main contractor, China Road and Bridge Corporation, has already opened management camps along the planned railway line between Nairobi and Mombasa.
While the Kenyan shilling was little changed on the inflation number because many analysts had expected a double-digit rate, traders said it might react in due course as further interest rate rises were factored in.
Meanwhile in Kenya, problems in the banking sector, depressed tourism and tea earnings and the continued suspension of IMF credit have led to a steep (23%) depreciation in the Kenyan shilling since January.
Three new currency futures contracts have been listed by the JSE, which track the exchange rate between the Rand and the Zambian Kwacha, Kenyan Shilling and Nigerian Naira.
The Kenyan shilling firmed against the dollar on Tuesday and traders expected it to gain further on the back of a squeeze on liquidity, while stocks rose slightly.
The commissioner said that the concept of Ugandan importers paying their taxes at the Kenyan port had been under discussion since April last year, but that its implementation would not be possible before certain issues, such as the convertibility of the Kenyan shilling, were sorted out.
The Kenyan shilling has strengthened to levels of Ksh60-61:$1, following the general elections.
Even though PayPal boasts of supporting "26 currencies through a customer base of 137 million active accounts in 193 countries," but still, local transactions are restricted to Kenyan shilling, US dollar and sterling pound
In a press statement released on December 12, 2012, AfDB said the line of credit will be drawn in multiple African currencies including the Ghanaian Cedi, Nigerian Naira, the Kenyan Shilling, the Zambian Kwacha, the Mozambican Metical and the Tanzanian Shilling.