Kenyan shilling

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the basic unit of money in Kenya


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745 billion Kenyan shilling during three months of 2010 while Afghanistan imported 17.
The Kenyan shilling, which prior to the elections had gone through a difficult period, rallied to two-year highs in the exchange markets, in a big sell-off of dollars by banks anticipating a vigorous official campaign to rebuild the battered economy and an early resumption of lending by foreign creditors and aid donors.
Prices have fallen and the Kenyan shilling is weak, making it a very attractive destination, with much to offer.
Barclays Africa has forecast depreciation of the Kenyan shilling from the current Sh103.
Businesses are concerned about rising imbalances, a depreciating exchange rate and the potential need for more tightening to stabilise the Kenyan shilling.
The Kenyan shilling has steadied after investors and companies held back on dollar purchases.
The Kenyan, Uganda and Tanzanian shillings are the main currencies using this format and so far the Kenyan shilling dominates the transaction, accounting for some $18m.
Market impact The Kenyan shilling fell as much as 24 per cent that year to an all-time low against the dollar.
During the past week, the shilling appreciated against the US dollar, the sterli ng pound and the euro, but in commercial banks and bureaux de change, it showed a mixed trend against the currencies adjacent markets -- the South African rand a n d the Kenyan shilling.
The Kenyan shilling is in demand thanks to efforts to boost tourism by cutting visa rates, while recession-hit Iceland is also more popular thanks to the plunging value of its currency.
The Kenyan shilling fell by up to 25 per cent as investors headed for the exit.
Quality had also fallen as farmers were unable to afford all the necessary inputs due to rapidly escalating prices which had been further aggravated by the fall in the value of the Kenyan shilling.
It would be a double tragedy if the Kenyan Shilling was to weaken in the year.
The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has launched the first currency futures which track the exchange rate between the Rand and select African currencies, listing three new currency futures contracts which track the exchange rate between the Rand (ZAR and the Zambian Kwacha (ZMK), Kenyan Shilling (KES) and Nigerian Naira (NGN).