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Synonyms for Kentish

one of the major dialects of Old English


a dialect of Middle English

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The Stockport band will perform six shows this May, including a date at London'sO2 Forum Kentish Townon May 10.
I am pleased to announce the new Kentish bus service will commence on Monday 16 October.
Speaking to Sky News, he said the driver of the car in Kentish Town, north London, had been using a mobile phone when he collided with the journalist.
Tiger He got up close home to shade Lemon Jamesy on that occasion and it could be a repeat as he is fancied to clear debutant Kentish Flame on his inside early before outstaying up-in-distance Clubber Lang.
Before then, six competing acts perform live from London's O2 Forum in Kentish Town, with the public getting to choose their favourite in an X Factor-style phone vote.
The 69-year-old former dope smuggler-turned author appeared on stage at the Howard Marks and Friends event at The Forum in Kentish Town, north London, on Friday night to raise funds for his treatment and celebrate his life.
Arriving is a bit like driving up to the home you wish you owned - a beautiful manor house in perfectly tended grounds with a pretty pond and views over Kentish farmland.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 4, 2014-Santander volunteers help out at Kentish Town City Farm as part of Community Day scheme
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 4, 2014-Santander volunteers help out at Kentish Town City Farm as part of Community Day scheme
Both serve fish brought up by fishermen the minute they land, plus fresh Kentish produce.
This is the case with the preterite of the verb beran 'to bring', which is baer in West-Saxon but ber in Kentish and Southern Mercian; the infinitive laetan 'to leave' and saetan, the preterite form of sittan 'to sit', which are, respectively, laetan and saeton in Northumbrian, Kentish and Mercian.
GeoSea will design supply and install 15 wind turbines for the extension of the Kentish Flats Wind Farm in UK.
In the University's Nerve-Gut Research Laboratory, Dr Stephen Kentish has investigated how the nerves in the stomach respond to stretch, which occurs as a consequence of food intake, at three-hourly intervals across one day.
Summary: DC Adele Cashman, 30, a response team officer based at Kentish Town police station, collapsed in , Camden, at 9.
All very well, but he had pulled a similar trick on Tuesday night when he wore a Queens Park Rangers shirt at a show in Kentish Town.