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a synthetic corticosteroid (trade names Aristocort or Aristopak or Kenalog) used as an anti-inflammatory agent

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The active ingredient of Kenalog in Orabase for mouth ulcers relieves pain by reducing the swell- ing around the ulcer and it speeds up the heal- ing process.
She has had multiple Kenalog shots in the eyes with subsequent cataract formation and laser surgery last summer for retinal detachment.
The literature is conflicting as to whether Kenalog or Celestone is better for pain relief, (62,63) with some suggesting that the crystallization of Kenalog provides better long-term benefit (62) and others noting that the soluble properties of Celestone provide quicker onset of action.
On February 18, 1998, I went to ER for another severe flair up and at this time I was told to fill out a Worker's Compensation Claim and I was given another Kenalog injection.
Triamcinolone acetonide (Azmacort) is also topically active and was available as Aristocort and Kenalog before its release as an aerosol.
Popular topical agents on the market today are corticosteroids like Kenalog, Orabase and Lidex; tetracycline mouthrinses; topical anti-inflammatory agents like benzydamine hydrochloride mouthrinses and betamethasone gel; as well as antimicrobial mouthrinses like chlorhexidine gluconate.
On my left eye I have had PDT with Kenalog, then another brief zap with laser.
Artistocort [R]; Kenalog [R]) Have a regular eye Dexamethasone exams.
Hypertrophic sternal scars: Silicone gel sheet versus Kenalog injection treatment.
PATIENTS in Coventry who may have been left with scars after being injected with the drug Kenalog are being urged to contact a legal team.
Law firm Linder Myers have been contacted by 14 patients in the south Manchester area who have reported similar reactions to the drug Kenalog, which is used to treat hay fever and rheumatoid arthritis.
Horan prescribed 30 mg of Kenalog, an allergy medication, to be injected into Pamela's right buttock.
Amlexanox oral paste 5% Aphthasol[R] gg Lidocaine Xylocaine[R] aa 2% viscous Triamcinolone Acetonide Kenalog [R] y in Dental Paste Orabase[R] 0.
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