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a member of a European people who once occupied Britain and Spain and Gaul prior to Roman times


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Not only do they have to identify kippers, but they have to be able to identify other unclean salmon called kelts and baggots.
Kelts - sometimes they are so silver it's too good to be true - are so pathetically thin it looks as if their heads are out of proportion to their bodies.
By that time most of the surviving kelts will have disappeared back into the sea, and spring run salmon dispersed throughout the river.
A well-mended kelt can put up a terrific fight, and occasionally a fresh-run springer has come into the river so quickly that it's easily tired out in the strong current.
Kelts are still present in the river and anglers must be careful to release them without harming them.
Caption: Front Row L to R: RobinGates, Dagan Anderson, Val Newell, Melina Sandage, Jerrilea Crawford, Fay Patrick, Duke Morgado Back Row Lto R: Jim Gates, Larry Morgan, Judy Kelts, David Kelts Libby Morgan, Coulson Crawford, Linda Herald, Jessica Murray
It was more like pulling in a sack of spuds - a sure sign of a kelt.
Kelts said the Netflix version of Death Note, released the same year, was "quite awful", while 2009's Dragonball Evolution was "a complete fiasco".
Doujin culture, or fan art culture, is one such example of how fans have become unofficial creators in their own right, according to Kelts. The Comic Market, or Comiket, which takes place twice a year in Japan, brings in over 500,000 people in the summer and winter.
In previous seasons, kelts were always there and they often gave some sport.
Japan Foundation, Manila hosted a forum last week to introduce to Manila the journal, which was represented by contributing editor Roland Kelts and artist Satoshi Kitamura.
"Japan's stagnation, pilloried by economists and analysts in the west, may turn out to be the catalyst for its greatest strengths: resilience, reinvention and quiet endurance," writes Roland Kelts for the New Statesman.
Stockholm, Tallinn, Tbilisi, Helsinki, Katovitsa and Kelts also expressed readiness to hold rallies to support the protestors in Kiev.
David Kelts for his selfless service to the Newport Community.